Friday, February 18, 2011

Embrace the Camera: February 17, 2011

Cuddles with Dad: so exhausted, yet so bored.
Did you know cell phones disrupt heart monitors or something like that? It is with good reason, then, that I don't have a sad little picture of me and my baby boy lying on a hospital bed. That's what we did today. Yesterday was a low-grade fever, but this morning he was having a very hard time breathing and looked awful, awful, awful. As an overexaggerator I have a hard time figuring out if I'm just worstcasescenario-ing (yes, that's a verb) a situation or if it truly is an emergency. Turns out, my intuition was right this morning. He has croup and poor baby was administered epi through a mask (screaming bloody murder fun) and then given a steroid to help out his little lungs. He looked so much better on the way home from the hospital and actually gave me a smile or two. Apparently croup is much worse at night and I've read it is a "three night thing." If there is one thing that really gets me, it's sleep deprivation. This is not quite how I imagined family time for our "family day" long weekend (for all you US residents, Canada now has a holiday (this coming Monday) called family day). However, I am so thankful he is feeling better. Now, does someone want to come make dinner for me? ;-) {This post was written yesterday, the 17th of February, but I went to bed early without publishing!}

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