Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Letters to Lydia: Six Months!

Dear Lydia, 

You are half a year old! You turned six months on January 4th, the same day your Grandpa turned 71. Grandma had a big party to celebrate. :)

Overall the month was pretty uneventful. You had your first real cold and spent almost two weeks with an annoying cough that kept you up at night (and us, too!) Everyone had their turn with the cold. Colby had a fever several times, so we spent a lot of time at home. Just before Christmas, I took you in to the doctor to make sure everything was okay before we left town and the nurse wanted to weigh you. You were a petite 16.4 with a diaper and your clothes on! I was shocked. I was expecting bottle feeding to pack on the pounds. I think I'm surprised, too, because of your birth weight. I suspected I might have a chubby baby on my hands this time around, but you're just following suit - you've got skinny genes (one day you'll thank me for this!) 

For the holiday we went down to Pennsylvania and then D.C. You were a great traveller for the most part and everyone enjoyed getting to meet you for the first time!

At six months you are touching your toes and scrunching your nose. You are quiet and sweet tempered. You still *love* to suck your fingers. You are almost sitting up on your own. And you are eyeing food like a hawk - we tried cantaloupe and rice rusks, both of which you loved. 

Looking forward to what next month brings! But don't go too fast. 

Love you forever,