Monday, March 28, 2011

A while ago Colby gave up his morning nap. He still gets pretty cranky around that time, though, so I've been putting him in his crib and letting him "rest" for about 45 minutes. Zoe and I still usually do something that we can only do while he's away and sometimes I do a quick treadmill workout, too. This morning he seemed like he was going to protest, so I found it odd that when I turned the monitor on, he was completely silent the entire time. I figured he may have just been extra tired from the Sunday craziness. When I went up there, though, I spotted something on his sock -- blood. Then I spotted lots of blood on the crib railing. Blood on his teddy, his shirt, his pillow, his blanket! It was everywhere! Why didn't he cry out?! Upon further inspection (turning the light on) I come to find that this blood is
He had a grand old time up there in his crib today. Not one single complaint when you're put to bed with a chocolate egg that fell out of mommy's pocket while she was trying to hide it from sister! whoops.

Man, he needs another haircut.

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  1. it! welcome back...we've missed you on here!