Monday, March 28, 2011

A Weekend of Baking

Sometimes yeast is intimidating and frustrating, like when you follow the directions precisely and your dough not only doesn't rise but still has little balls of yeast in it, too. Bleh. Don't let it get you down. Go back to the store at 10:30pm for more ingredients if you have to, come home, and show that yeast who's boss! It's SO worth it.

Make PW's cinnamon rolls.
Two notes: measure the temperature before adding the yeast (needs to be around 100F) letting it cool for 45min to an hour (as the recipe states) may not be enough time to get it down to that temperature. Use your stand mixer if you have one. So much easier.

I've been dying to try something fun like homemade hostess cupcakes for a while now. So when the Agape in Action fundraiser was looking for cupcakes, I knew just the ones I wanted to make. I wasn't overly excited by the taste, and it was more work than usual (4 bowls, 2 baking pans, 2 pots!), but they turned out pretty cute. Johnnie has a new favorite -- chocolate ganache. He's already placed an order for his birthday cake.

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  1. This post made me crave cinnamon rolls. PW's version are amazing!
    And, that post with Colby below is hilarious. He's too cute!