Friday, December 7, 2012

Letters to Lydia: Five Months

Dear Lydia, 

How is it possible that you are five months old already? That's almost half a year! Big happenings this month were moving you into your own bedroom and moving your hooligan siblings into a shared bedroom! The transition has been seamless for you and better than expected for brother and sister. And I'm thankful I no longer have to tip-toe around my room during the day while you're napping. You are still loving the moses basket so we just put that in your crib and will keep you in it until you outgrow it...probably next month! 

Since transitioning to the one arm swaddle last month you now have a full-blown addition to finger sucking. It is hilarious and oh, so cute! The first time I found you doing it, you had your middle and ring fingers in your mouth so it looked like you were signing "i love you." But from then on, it's been your pointer and middle fingers of your left hand. As soon as we wrap you up and sit down in the chair, you *immediately* pop those two fingers into your mouth, your eyes roll back, and you're out. Lately, you don't even need to be rocked! Quite a difference from your first month of life. 

Your activity level is really starting to change this month; you enjoy being up and around more. We tried out the bumbo, exersaucer, high chair and the jolly jumper and you seem to like them all. You like playing with your toys a lot, too. You love to chew on Sophie giraffe's feet and pull on all your hanging toys from the play mat. You also love chewing on books and foam shapes from the foam books, just like your sister did as a baby. Interestingly enough, you don't seem to care about rolling over anymore! One day you rolled from your back to front for the first time just as I was walking into the room. I'm glad I got to see it, because you haven't done it since!  

In terms of eating, you are fully weaned - a bottle baby now. As hard as the transition has been, bottle feeding is simple and very routine which, I have to admit, is really nice for a stressed mother of three! 

One last thing -- you love baths. Putting you in the bath is the best way to chill you out - even when your brother and sister are in there with you! It's really sweet. 

Love you forever, my happy, little Lydi. 

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