Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Letters to Lydia: Two Months

Dusting off the ol' blog to write monthly updates for Lydia. Who says the third child doesn't get much attention? I want to savor the little things and writing these letters will help me with that. I have Lydia's first month highlights, but it's not quite ready to share. So we're starting with 2 months. 

Dearest Lydia, 

Today you are two months old. It's hard to believe you're that old already but we couldn't imagine our lives without you. It's also hard to believe that my first baby girl started school today, too! You all grow up too fast! A few highlights from the last month are:

You have really started kicking! Every time I watch you I think back to how active you were on the inside. Such a little miracle you are. 

Though you started smiling at around three weeks, this month you have been very liberal with your smiles - capturing the hearts of many! Anyone who meets you comments on what a smiley baby you are. For example, when our lactation consultant came for a visit, you not only smiled, but also gave her a giggle immediately when she held you. Shortly thereafter, you also pooped while she was holding you - such manners. I guess you were feeling pretty comfortable around her. ;) And one night while the rest of the family was at Bible class, you and I had a belly laugh session that lasted a few minutes - it was adorable.

You love ceiling fans. 

Tummy time is coming along, though I think you're my laziest baby as far as this is concerned. You're getting there, though. And with the breastfeeding "olympics" we've been trying, you're getting very strong. 

In terms of sleep, you are definitely a third child. You love to sleep. You seem to fall asleep more easily when there are lights on and noise in the background. I usually take you into the living room while the older two are running around like crazy and it doesn't take long for you to drift off. At nap time I wrap you up and carry you in my arms during the hustle and bustle of getting Zoe and Colby down for naps, and you often fall asleep by the time I've sung one song! Very convenient, baby girl! Thank you :) Night time sleep has been unbelievable thus far. Over the last month, I can count on one hand the number of times you've woken up more than once a night or before 4am (after being put down around 10). Many mornings we don't see you until 5 or 5:30. Go, you! After your early morning feed, I roll you onto your tummy in our bed and you sleep soundly there for the rest of the morning, it's completely adorable. 

This month I have been conflicted over how to deal with your eating and sleeping. After meeting the lactation consultant I was told that your eating and sleeping patterns are very unusual for someone your age. You have started a slight descent on the growth charts, however, when you are awake you are the sweetest thing - alert, happy, and cute as can be. You don't cry very much either! We think you must be doing alright. As suggested though, I will try to squeeze in more feedings, but I won't push it too much. We have an appointment at the Newman center in Toronto later this month to try to figure out your latch problems/possible tongue tie?! Breastfeeding has never been easy for your momma, but you are worth the effort! 

Lastly, we took you on your first big road trip! We visited Grandmommy and Granddaddy in Mansfield for our traditional labor day weekend (shrimp boil included). You traveled like a champ and didn't skip much of a beat while we were there. You even got in your first trip to Target!

We love you, sweet Lydia! 

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